AOSO J9 Gaming Headset

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thumbs_upReview – AOSO J9 Gaming Headset

Price paid :- £35.99
Purchase location :- Amazon UK

** Protip – Don’t buy if you have XBOX, they are NOT compatible.**

I recently gave my gaming headphones away, so I needed to look around for some quality gaming headphones to replace them. After seeing these AOSO J9 LED gaming headphones I decided to take a chance as they seemed to be the right price, offered good specifications, and on top of that I had great products from AOSO previously. Please read my review with pictures for further insights. (TLDR: if you don’t like reading a wall of text, to summarise, these are great sounding, very comfortable and work flawlessly with Windows 10)

Windows 10 automatically detected and configured the headset once plugged in with the USB, truly are just plug and play.

I was surprised at how the sounds were good for gaming with balanced bass and treble, but they were also especially good at making voices clear and easy to understand. The 7.1 surround sound made finding the position of enemy’s very easy.

The bronze and black ear cups are well padded and large enough to cover the ear (see picture) to help remove those annoying background sounds.

The adjustable, soft head band (see picture) makes wearing the headphones for long gaming sessions as comfortable as any headphones I have ever used. Even after a twelve-hour gaming session at the weekend I did not feel like I had been wearing a full gaming headset at all.

The headset has an adjustable microphone on left ear cup (see picture), can be bent into which ever position you require, and can even be bent out of the way when not in use. The quality of the mic was expected with others being able to hear me OK.

On the rear of left ear cup is the volume control (see picture), I find this location for the volume control much better than the ‘in-cord’ type that often gets caught on clothes.

Very good sound quality, better than my last headset
Comfortable ear cups even when used for very long gaming sessions
Long heavy duty cable with a very secure USB connector
Impressive volume (careful of your hearing!)
Very well placed volume control
Good value for money
Auto adjusting head band
Blue gaming LEDs

Cable can be a little stiff (but it does get better with use)

Would I buy this again? Yes
Would I recommend this? Yes
Good value for money? Yes

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