AOSO D82-B Bluetooth Speaker

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Review – AOSO D82-B Bluetooth Speaker

Price paid :- £16.99
Purchase location :- Amazon UK

When I first saw the box it came in I was quite impressed. High quality cardboard box typically seen on luxury items, no big boxes with wasted space and fancy graphics. The box contained the speaker in protective cover and a little box containing Instruction, Help card, Mini USB <> USB and 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack.

Not sure if this already came factory charged as I left it on overnight and charged it with the included cable. While on charge, it had a visible red LED on top. When you turn it on you get a few bings and a flashing blue LED to show that it is not paired to any Bluetooth devices.

Both my phone and tablet found the speaker using Bluetooth immediately and connected without issue. I tried Spotify and worked flawlessly. The sound quality was top notch and the volume was extremely loud for such a compact speaker unit. I tried the speaker from another room and the Bluetooth worked without issue.

I then proceeded to test the 3.5mm jack connection from an old MP3 player and that also worked without issue. Finally, I tested a micro SD card with some MP3 content and that also played without complaint.

All in all, for the price, the AOSO D82-B Speaker is a brilliant piece of kit. Compact, loud, good quality sound and very portable. What more could you need?

Battery :- 1200mHhC
Colour :- Black
Package Contents :-
-AOSO D82-B Speaker
-Help card
-Mini USB cable
-3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
Size (LxHxD in mm) :- 211x70x65
Ports :-
-Micro SD card slot
-Mini USB charging socket (5v 1A)

Manual on/off switch on rear
Controls easy to access on the top
Rubber feet hold it nice and secure on slippy surfaces
Good quality weight

My only negative point was that when my phone was within 10cm of the speakers the sound became blocky and distorted, but as soon as I moved it 20cm away it was fine… I put this down to my phone though as my tablet worked fine.

Would I buy these again? Definitely
Would I recommended these? I already have
Good value for money? Yes

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