AOSO Combaterwing CW90 Mouse

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thumbs_upReview – AOSO Combaterwing CW90 Mouse

Price paid :- £12.99
Purchase location :- Amazon UK

My better half was in need of a new mouse, and as we all know, colour is the most important part of any product! This mouse has 4 different modes with a different colour associated with it, so the pink mode so it fit the job perfectly.

It came well packaged with protective bag and instruction booklet. The good quality 2m long braided cord means it will last longer than your generic plastic cord and will get less tangled. I was quite surprised by the weight of this mouse, not too light, not too heavy in fact it had the perfect weight and due to the shape it was really comfortable to use.

I tried some precision tests to see how accurate the mouse was, and it passed with flying colours. I played a few different games as this is sold as a gaming mouse, and I was presently surprised by how accurate and responsive the mouse was both in FPS and RTS.

I then proceeded to test the mouse on my Linux machine as compatibility for Linux was not listed. It worked flawlessly in Linux too, so if you need a mouse for your Linux box then this would be a perfect partner.

After my tests I passed it on to the missus to get her feedback. She used it for a couple of days doing her usual office and desktop based work and she was very happy with it. She said no wrist strain, easy to glide across her desk oh, and the most important thing, it was pink!

Model: Combaterwing CW90
Master control program: AVAGO 5050IC+ master plan
Key life: 20 million times
Optical sampling rate: 4500 frames per second
Maximum tracking rate: 30 inches per second
Acceleration: 8G
Working voltage: to 5.25VDC 4.75V
Working current: 70MA-200MA (max.)
DPI: 800-1500-2500-3800 (the default corresponds to the colour of the breath light: Red-Green-Blue-Violet)
Rate of return: 1000Hz
Mouse cable length: Approx. 1.9cm / 6.23ft
Mouse colour: Black
Mouse size: Approx. 13.3 * 7.8 * 4.4cm / 5.2 * 3.1 * 1.7in
Mouse weight: 163g / 5.7oz
Package size: 13.5 * 10 * 5.6cm / 5.3 * 3.9 * 2.2in
Package weight: 200g / 7.1oz

Perfect mouse weight
Responsive buttons
Adjustable DPI
2m braided cord
Glides easily
Worked on Linux
Good value for money

One major negative, not that it affects me, is that the mouse is designed for right handed people. If you use the mouse in your left hand, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Would I buy this again? Yes
Would I recommend this? Yes
Good value for money? Yes


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