AOSO GS700 Pro Gaming Headset

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thumbs_upReview – AOSO GS700 Pro Gaming Headset

Price paid :- £20.00 (lightning deal)
Purchase location :- Amazon UK

I was in the market for a new set of headphones with mic after my last set fell of the desk and broke. The main draws to the GS700 were the looks, price and reviews. I was a bit sceptical as the manufacturer was unknown to me, and the reviews seemed too good to be true, but it was unfounded as both the company was excellent and the excellent reviews were right.

I was surprised at how loud the volume levels were and had to turn them down using the wheel type volume control which is conveniently positioned on the cord controller. The sounds generated were really good for gaming with deep bass and treble, but they were also especially good at making voices clear and easy to understand.

I was very pleased that after wearing these last night for an eight-hour gaming session that I did not feel like I had been wearing a full gaming headset at all. The design with the self-adjusting band is just perfect as it gently but firmly holds the headphones in place. The soft padding on the ear cups were surprisingly comfortable and did not strain or pinch my ears at all.

The cable was slightly too long for me but it was not a problem as I just shortened this slightly with the supplied Velcro fastener. It also comes with an adapter if you need to split out your Mic and Headphone 3.5mm jacks.

Good solid construction
Awesome closed cup noise isolation
Great sound reproduction, better than previous headsets I have owned
Strong braided cable (approx. 2m) with Velco to shorten it if you need to
Very comfortable for long gaming sessions
Fully adjustable and retractable mic position
Included adapter to split the 3.5mm connector
PC / PS4 / XBONE compatible

The only negative point I had (and this is a personal negative point only) was that the light on the end of the microphone is very bright, but as with any personal preference, this is something you might love! If it is too bright for you just unplug the USB and problem solved.

Would I buy these again? Definitely
Would I recommended these? I already have
Good value for money? Yes


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